Taking Care of Yourself

Taking care of your body is something that should really be a priority in our lives but it always seems like we’re too busy doesn’t it? I know personally I go back and forth between several months of a health kick and an equal amount of time pushing it to the bottom of the to do list.

I also know that during my health kicks of eating right, exercising and simply taking the stairs I have more energy for the seemingly never ending list of obligations. I might not have time to watch my favorite netflix series every night, but it’s worth it to get out there and be productive. I’m constantly working hard and proud of my progress during these times. If I exercise every morning I somehow manage to get better grades, give more effort at work, and see more of my friends and family while still getting to bed on time and not feeling over tired.

Then along come the lazy months. I’m not yet sure how the motivation switch gets turned off but I’m still looking for the answer. During these times I still do the minimum to seem productive which mostly requires talking fast enough that people think I’m being productive while I’m actually daydreaming. These are awful months though. It’s basically a rut that affects every part of your life. You find ways to leave work early or excuses to skip class and you blow off friends in favor of a nap or watching a full season of a badly made sitcom on netflix. It takes awhile for me to realize this has been happening but it always seems to hit me in the grocery store when I look down and see cookies, chips, ice cream and copious amounts of mac & cheese. I then think back and realize how little I’ve payed attention to my body. Exercise routines have stopped completely, I’ve developed many various ailments, I sleep constantly and still feel tired, and worse yet I’m never happy. 

Even though it’s clearly obvious to me that fitness and health allow you to have more fun in life, I still fall into ruts just like everybody else. So I’m curious, if you have them, what are your ruts like?  How do you know it’s time to make a change? What is your ‘Aha’ moment?



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