Nutritional Workshop

Dr. Michael Zola is hosting a nutritional workshop at 1528 Cranston St in Cranston. on Tuesday August 20th. Learn to see foods in a simpler way. There’s no need to understand how to read labels when you know what the healthiest foods in the market are. To safely lose weight, ease chronic pain and add years of vitality to your living you should know how your body uses food as fuel. Dr. Zola will start you on the path to full understanding of how nutrition is connected to your overall health. With information culled from scientifically based approaches to eating, including “The Paleo Diet”, “The Anti-Inflammatory Diet”, ” The Diet Evolution” and “Eat to Live”, Dr. Zola also brings twenty years of clinical experience to a conversational approach in a workshop that is designed to teach you how to get your health working from the inside out. Healthy snacks will be served. Reserve your seat as space is limited. RSVP to or call (401)785-1978.


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